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Shaking brands

Strategic Consulting

You often question the rigidity of your visual identity. A change of style comes naturally to you. Or quite the opposite, you are constantly battling against exceptions to your graphic guidelines. Either way, you are confronted with the subtle management of your brand over time. Read more


Publication design

Generis has just signed a new application for Eurelectric at its 2014 annual conference held in London in June: a new, adjustable stand presents a fresh look and feel for the association, highlighting new industrial themes in the sector and the implication of European consumers in the electric networks of the future. Read more


Publication design

Memolub® is an automatic lubricant for industrial applications recognised worldwide for its high performance technology. A few years ago Generis renewed the branding of its product range and has now just finished revamping its website. The website’s graphic design is consistent with other publications, packaging and promotional material developed by our office. Read more


Corporate Identity

2014 marked a turning point for Cefic’s Long-range Research Initiative (LRI) programme, with the launch of its new website, designed by Generis. The new simplified design, intuitive navigation and advanced search tool ensures easy access to the rich resources that the programme has to offer to the scientific, policy, media and business communities. Read more

Promoting pan-European business associations

Strategic Consulting

Generis regularly deals with marketing issues not only for businesses, but also for bodies that represent industrial sectors with the European decision-making circles. The themes are often complex and it is in the visual processing of the information that Generis represents a key factor: > Facilitate the comprehension of complex contents > Develop initiatives and action plans > Highlight the expected benefits > Mobilise the stakeholders through powerful messages Read more

CEFIC – LRI annual workshop

Publication design

LRI, the Long-range Research Initiative, is a fund maintained by the European chemical industry, which finances research programmes into the long-term impacts of chemical products and processes on the environment and human health. The fund is managed by CEFIC, the European Chemical Industry Council, and pursues a successful research support policy. Read more

EUROGAS new publications

Corporate Identity

EUROGAS is a non-profit organisation representing the interests of the European gas wholesale, retail and distribution sectors. Following the appointment of a new Secretary General, EUROGAS decided to roll out a new communication strategy based, among other things, oncreating a strong brand identity to reinforce its visibility and strengthen its approach in engaging with its European and global stakeholders. Read more

Relief model for your communications purposes

Strategic Consulting

Generis offers relief model accompanied by didactic presentions for showrooms or stands. A combination of rare craftsmanship and a specific communications approach. A spectacular and very exclusive method to communicate on a process, product or industrial value chain. Guaranteed to make an impact, the delicacy and variety of techniques involved are sure to arouse interest and impress. Read more

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