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CEFIC – LRI annual workshop

Publication design

LRI, the Long-range Research Initiative, is a fund maintained by the European chemical industry, which finances research programmes into the long-term impacts of chemical products and processes on the environment and human health. The fund is managed by CEFIC, the European Chemical Industry Council, and pursues a successful research support policy.

Each year, LRI organises a workshop where the major lines of research and the resulting scientific perspectives are presented. These are of special interest to European institutions that promote scientific progress in such areas as toxicology, traceability, genomics, or the emergence of alternative techniques to animal testing.

Generis has contributed for several years to the outreach of LRI by addressing its visual identity, notably on the occasion of the annual workshop. We believe that integrating science into familiar settings can bring the magic of science to life. So this year our design is highlighting the interaction between science and young generations in a smart and colourful design, making wonder part of everyday life.

Generis is also working on a complete overhaul of the organisation’s website. This will be discussed in a future post.

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