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Promoting pan-European business associations

Strategic Consulting

Generis regularly deals with marketing issues not only for businesses, but also for bodies that represent industrial sectors with the European decision-making circles. The themes are often complex and it is in the visual processing of the information that Generis represents a key factor:

  • Facilitate the comprehension of complex contents
  • Develop initiatives and action plans
  • Highlight the expected benefits
  • Mobilise the stakeholders through powerful messages

Generis is driven by its passion for industrial and economic challenges, in particular by all innovative projects that can reshape the market, enlighten society and transform our behaviour.

The industry has an expertise and a vision to convey in the development of the European regulatory framework or through intercompany research programmes. This requires a distinctive communication style.

This is where we can be of help: we get involved when attention needs to be focused on new concepts. We also know the codes for communicating with the institutions, as well as the difficulty of delicately managing the interests of the parties involved: decision-makers, experts, industry, the media.

Being able to engage the most influential voices in the market requires an understanding of their language and the terms under which they are willing to listen. Our approach focuses on the targeted dissemination of core brand values through applications that speak in the tone and volume to which the audience best responds.

We develop all projects from a conceptual perspective, establishing the core ideas first, so that they can then be communicated visually in the clearest, most direct manner possible, and serve as the first and most enduring impression of what an organisation or a programme are about.

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