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Charter of Service Provider



As part of our services Generis is committed to applying the guidelines and requirements based on the standard EN 16114 « Guidelines for Management Consulting Services ».


We are committed to respecting the following values and ethical principles:



We respect the code of ethics and the ethical standards of the UDB (Union of Designers in Belgium) and the SABAM (Société Belge des Auteurs, Compositeurs et Editeurs).


Integrity / Objectivity

We apply a high standard of integrity in the exercise of our profession, especially in our relations with customers. We provide objective advice.


Independence / Prevention of conflicts of interest

We act responsibly and we maintain absolute independence, not yielding to any pressure or influence, of any nature whatsoever, which could harm our objectivity and our integrity. We implement the necessary procedures to prevent any conflict of interest in the exercise of our missions.


Competence / Professionalism

We are committed to keeping our knowledge and professional skills up to date. In our discussions with our customers and our potential customers we are sincere about the type of service we offer, the knowledge we have and our experience.

We do not accept any mission for which we do not have the required competence and experience, or for which we do not have sufficient human and material resources. We are available and flexible in the conduct of our services.


Discretion / Confidentiality

We are bound by professional secrecy and in this context we take the necessary measures to preserve the confidentiality of tall informations provided by our customers. This obligation includes all information not publicly available, including all data, in any form whatsoever, about our clients, their products and services, suppliers, customers, employees, parent company and subsidiaries.


Loyalty and respect for people

We are committed to exercising our profession in the respect of fundamental human rights, and to maintain loyal and fraternal relations with our counterparts.



We practice our profession in accordance with the regional, Belgian and European legislation in force.





During each mission we commit ourselves:


During the proposal phase

  • to communicate clearly and transparently with the client, in particular to anticipate and limit the risks of the mission,
  • to offer services that meet the specific needs and expectations of the client,
  • to clearly define the total scope of the project (including all deliverables and a schedule),
  • to inform the client completely and in a transparent way, as for the costs and time of execution of the mission, as well as the terms of our remuneration,
  • to provide a clear agreement on the modalities and restrictions of the transfer of intellectual rights.


During the development phase:

  • to strictly observe the contractual arrangements agreed upon with the client during the proposal phase (i.e., in particular, provide all the agreed deliverables, at the price and within the time allowed),
  • to regularly inform the client of the progress of the project, as well as the difficulties encountered,
  • to personally insure each service, except in case of subcontracting authorized and accepted by the client,
  • to validate each service by means of a « Bon-à-Tirer » or any written approval signed by the client, and keep these documents at the client’s disposal for 3 years after the end of the mission,
  • to negotiate and delete clearly with the client any adaptations and derogations with respect to the project defined during the initial proposal phase.


At the end of the mission:

  • to finalize the deliver all agreed deliverables before considering the project as completed,
  • to provide the client with the administrative documents (invoices and required receipts) in a transparent and complete manner.


In case of dispute with a client:

  • to privilege the use of the dispute resolution procedure according to the following priority order:

    1. Conciliation through an approved conciliation center
    2. Commercial mediation
    3. Commercial Court
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