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We have an extensive collaboration with the European circles based in Brussels. We develop awareness-raising campaigns and editorial contents to reach institutional circles, business communities, and citizens, to prepare stakeholders for future EU regulatory frameworks, to change behaviour, or to educate.

We are also partnering with B2B companies, getting to the root of their business, helping them to maximise impact and fine-tune their corporate and marketing approach.

This covers strategic direction, brand architecture, digital marketing, publication design, website profiling, and much more, depending on each project.

New in 2022

Based on our experience with our own products on Amazon, we offer Amazon consultancy services to other brand owners to elevate their performance with customised solutions.

Data analysis, competitive research, and marketing strategy are integrated into understanding what precisely drives your customers’ purchasing decisions.

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Create better consistency
throughout all your applications

We look at our task in an analytic sense – not only under a purely creative angle. We deliver innovative inputs with a very structured approach because in reality most of the design work is called on to serve complex objectives, complex structures, and complex concepts.

As a multidisciplinary agency we are committed to solving complex issues and we believe that our design solutions are consistent and relevant to all external perceptions, better connecting client needs and user experience.

Generate leads
among your target groups

We approach all projects from a user perspective and we provide focused and relevant tools for marketing and sales units. We turn messages and visuals with a fresh outlook and we advise on SEO and SEA operations that will impact perceptions and establish closer relations with your market.

With personality and consistency so that clients and customers engage a stronger interaction with your brand or your project.

Establish or raise
the profile of your activities

Our ambition is to create added-value for our clients. We aim to maximize your attractiveness, in other words the level of understanding and the impact of your activities. This is the reason why we are working hard to understand all stakeholders’ attitudes: we want to align our input to your business development objectives. And we are confident that our analytic and graphic design skills will provide a refreshing difference that will raise the profile of your activity and ensure you make a great impression.

Launch new products,
new services or new projects

We have a wide range of resources and solutions to help you succeed in your business development. Whether we are delivering new corporate brochures, signage, annual reports, websites, logos for new ventures or product literature we always consider how to initiate thoughts, engage communication and build consistent applications in the perspective of your objectives.

We help clarify the topics for European stakeholders, in particular for all innovative projects and campaigns that will reshape the market, enlighten society and transform our behaviour: Energy, Science, Mobility, Technologies, and International Affairs.

  • Facilitating the comprehension of complex content

  • Developing initiatives and action plans

  • Highlighting the expected benefits

  • Mobilising the stakeholders through powerful messages

Corporate communication

We can help to set strong corporate values

  • analysing your situation;
  • establishing or raising the profile of your activities;
  • expressing distinctive qualities in regard to your competitors;
  • achieveing strong positioning in terms of attractiveness

Marketing communication

We can help to generate leads and increase product recognition

  • sharing strategic thinking
  • creating or adapting brand images
  • profiling your applications with a view to user benefits
  • developing digital marketing operations
  • creating sales funnels

Support to public affairs

We can help to strengthen awareness campaigns

  • creating links between objectives and user experience
  • defining action plans
  • creating visual and editorial content
  • creating multichannel communications
  • building communities

Generis is adopting a Charter of Service Provider and the European Standard EN 16114 “Management Consultancy Services”.

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